This page will be updated with all of our weekly special items we sell exclusively in our store!  Please check in to this page frequently as we will update it as regularly as possible with the items we have in stock!  All of our ice creams and baked goods (along with everything else in the store) is made in house, by us!

 The Studio is located at 6050 W 92nd Ave, Ste 500, Westminster, CO 80031

FREEZER CHEST (Available every day we are open!)

Rotating Ice Cream Sandwiches ($4 ea):

Salted Caramel -- Salted Caramel Ice Cream with a Brown Sugar Cookie

Milk + Cookies -- Edible Cookie Dough with Cookies + Cream Ice Cream

Thin Mint -- Fresh Mint Ice Cream with Minted Chocolate Cookie

Key Lime Pie -- Key Lime Filling Ice Cream with Graham Cracker


Ice Cream Pints ($9 ea):

Passionfruit Chocolate Chunk

Vietnamese Coffee Chocolate Chunk

Roasted Strawberry


Frozen Novelties:

"Ellie" Bars ($4) -- Named after our daughter, these are passionfruit ice cream bars dipped in a dark chocolate shell

Choco Taco ($7) -- A true throwback, our elevated version of the classic treat with real waffle cone, vanilla ice cream and a chocolate shell coating (plus cookie bits!) 

Strawberry Mint Sorbet Pop ($4)

Mandarin Sorbet Pop ($4)

Kiwi Sorbet Pop ($4)

sorbet pops


BAKERY CASE (Available Friday-Sunday)

Cookies ($3 ea or $12 for a U-Pick half dozen):

Strawberry Toasted White Chocolate


Cherry Chocolate Lemon


On Tuesdays only, check in at the shop for our "Last Baked" cookies from the previous week -- only $1 each!

Other Baked Goods:

Chocolate Dipped Spiced Biscotti

Check back for more baked goods as we expand our program!