Seasonal Caramel Collection

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Our latest truffle collection is a fantastic celebration of the season!  Our set of five gooey hand painted caramels are distinctly flavored and feature a fantastic array of flavors.  Our collection starts off with our signature salted caramel truffle- a gooey vanilla bean salted caramel wrapped in decadent dark chocolate.  Next, our new seasonal favorite is lemon rosemary- a tart and herbaceous light caramel with rich dark chocolate.  The dark ‘n’ stormy truffle features local Colorado dark rum, fresh ginger and creamy milk chocolate.  Our bourbon espresso caramel is scented with freshly roasted coffee beans, Breckenridge Bourbon and dark chocolate.  Rounding out our box is our new play on sweet and salty: Miso Cherry.  This truffle features a gooey miso laced cherry caramel wrapped in sweet milk chocolate and a hint of lemon.  Our truffle collection is a sure fire hit- this box has something for everyone!


Each box includes:

-1 Sea Salt Caramel Truffle

-1 Lemon Rosemary Caramel Truffle

-1 Dark ‘n’ Stormy Caramel Truffle

-1 Bourbon Espresso Caramel Truffle

-1 Miso Cherry Caramel Truffle

-1 faux wooden box

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