Chicken Mole Negro -- For Delivery on Halloween

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Enjoy the authentic flavors of Oaxaca this Dia de los Muertos with a Mexican classic, mole negro.  This rich sauce, made with high quality chocolate sourced from Central America and the Caribbean, is a spicy, unctuous mix of chiles, nuts, seeds, onion, chocolate and spices.  It is served over seared organic chicken thighs and garnished with fresh cilantro and sesame seeds.  

No mole is complete without rice and beans, a beautiful mix of green herbs cooked into the rice served alongside black beans.  Freshly made guacamole will round out this Day of the Dead staple, along with locally made corn tortillas.  

We will be accepting preorders through the 29th of October.  The price will be $25 per person, and includes delivery within the delivery area.  The meal will be delivered cold with reheating instructions.  We are accepting orders for a minimum of 2 people, up to 8 people.  If you'd like a delivery for more than 8 people, please contact us directly at If you are outside the Metro area, we will contact you and your order will be refunded and cancelled