Cocktail Bon Bon Collection

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If you have a taste for classic cocktails and love the luxury of fine chocolates, this box was tailor made for you!  Our cocktail box, available for a limited time, will delight the senses and open your palate to flavors you may have never had before in candies. Wherever possible we are using local spirits to support our Colorado community!

Our collection starts out with our classic Manhattan bon bon, a luscious mix of Leopold Bros Maryland Style Rye, orange, cherry and bitters. This bon bon is a signature flavor of our company, and worthwhile all on its own. From here we move on to the Smoked Margarita, a play on the classic cocktail, featuring Dryland Distillers Prickly Pear Spirit (which is essentially a mezcal) and the bold flavor of lime.  When you are through with our standard bearers, delight your palate with our Dark + Stormy, a bon bon using Bear Creek Distillers Spiced Rum and ginger to flavor a rich caramel. We are also featuring two brand new, never before seen chocolates with our Peach Smash and Mint Julep concoctions.  The Peach Smash is a combination of Irish Whiskey and Palisade peach jam, wrapped in a milk chocolate ganache.  You can round out your experience with the Mint Julep, a combination of fistfuls of fresh mint and Breckenridge Bourbon.

We invite you to delight in the spirits and flavors of our region, enjoying all that you would in a rocks glass -- in a chocolate!

Our cocktail collection includes:

- 1 Manhattan Bon Bon

- 1 Smoked Margarita Bon Bon

- 1 Dark+ Stormy Bon Bon

- 1 Peach Smash Bon Bon

- 1 Mint Julep Bon Bon

- All items are packed in an attractive box, perfect for gifting or savoring yourself!

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