Coloradito Mole Mix

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The taste of Mexico in spice mix form! We have crafted an authentically flavored dry mix for mole that utilizes the best possible product to create a traditional Oaxacan classic. We start with high quality dark chocolate and incorporate dried chiles consisting of ancho, pasilla and guajillo. All of the spices and chiles have been toasted and ground by us to maximize their flavor and authenticity.  We even dehydrate the lime peel ourselves for maximum flavor. In this way, you can create a truly memorable meal that your guests will never guess was from a mix! This mix can also be used by vegans and vegetarians, as there is no animal product in the mix at all. Substitute cooked sweet potato for chicken for a hearty meal and you won't even miss the meat!

Each pouch you order includes enough mix to make 4 pounds of chicken or vegetarian mole, as well as instructions on how to use it.  Our mix contains no gluten or dairy products, but it does have sesame and soy.

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