Hanukkah Gift Set

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Mazel Tov! Our 3 tiered Hanukkah box is the perfect box to celebrate the season. Each tier features a different flavor and product! The bottom tier features our hand poured, hand tempered fair trade dark chocolate and single origin milk chocolate gelt pieces. Each piece is wrapped in colorful decorative foils. The middle tier features our brand new handcrafted dark chocolate homestyle fudge. Each box comes with a third pound of our deliciously creamy chocolate fudge- each batch is handmade in the traditional style; no shortcuts here! Lastly, the top tier features a 4 piece hand painted seasonal truffle collection that reflects the warmth of this time of year. Each truffle features hand painted, hand tempered chocolate and a boldly flavored filling. This gift set is perfect for Hannukah, or any Jewish celebration.

**Please note, this gift box is not certified Kosher, contact us if you have any questions**

This box includes:
-5 fair trade organic dark chocolate gelt
-5 fair trade single origin milk chocolate gelt
-third pound of classic chocolate fudge
-4 seasonal bon bons
-3 tiered gift box, perfect for gifting

This gift contains dairy, soy
This gift is gluten free
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