Hanukkah Gift Set

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Mazel Tov!  Our 3 tiered Hanukkah box is the perfect box to celebrate the season.  Each tier features a different flavor and product!  The bottom tier features our hand poured dark chocolate gelt.  Each piece is dusted with either freeze dried blueberry or raspberry, plus, there is one golden chocolate (caramelized white chocolate) coin!  Each piece is hand wrapped with foil.  The middle tier features 4 of our crispy peanut butter leaves, decked out in silver and blue for the occasion. These leaves are filled with a crispy cookie and peanut butter filling and enrobed in dark chocolate.  Lastly, the top tier features a 4 piece seasonal truffle collection that reflect the warmth of this time of year. This gift set is perfect for Hanukkah, or any Jewish celebration.

**Please note, this gift box is NOT certified Kosher, contact us if you have any questions**

 This box includes:

-11 dark chocolate gelt

-1 golden chocolate gelt

-4 crispy peanut butter leaves

-4 seasonal bon bons

-3 tiered gift box, perfect for gifting


This gift contains dairy, soy, eggs and gluten