Miniature Easter Bunny Gift Set

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Our 3 piece miniature Easter bunny collection features a hand tempered, hand cast Easter bunny in each of our signature chocolate flavors.  The first bunny in this set is cast in our classic fair trade and organic dark chocolate- this chocolate has a fruity, almost tropical flavor profile, and is the dark chocolate we use in most of our truffles and confections.  The second bunny is cast in a decadent single origin milk chocolate- this deep milk chocolate has a sophisticated, coffee- like finish with subtle berry notes.  Lastly, the third bunny is made with a caramelized white chocolate- this creamy white chocolate has toasted bread notes.

Each bunny is wrapped in foil, then placed in a plastic box and finished with kraft paper shred and a raffia bow.  These sophisticated miniature Easter bunnies are a perfect addition to an adult or teenage Easter basket!

Each package includes:

- 3 (1 oz) miniature Easter bunnies

- dark chocolate, milk chocolate and caramelized white chocolate

- individually wrapped in foil

- tied with a raffia ribbon

These are gluten free 

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