Valentine's Chocolate Blow Out Box

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This box is your one stop shop for a Valentine's Day celebration! It features three tiers packed with decadent chocolate goodies- every one is hand crafted with the care and attention we bring to all of our confections. We've created a few special items for this box, and also included a few of our favorite goodies!

The first tier contains hand dipped fruits, nut clusters and our brand new chocolate covered strawberry hearts. These hearts use a unique strawberry chocolate layered with decadent dark chocolate and taste just like a chocolate covered strawberry! We have also included our candied orange peel dipped in dark chocolate and milk chocolate dipped apricots. Rounding out this tier are our new nut mendiants, featuring salted cashews, roasted pistachios and tart cherries with a dark chocolate base.

The middle tier contains an assortment of our hand painted truffles! The four truffles featured are our signature salted caramels (with dark chocolate), our classic cherry cordials featuring Italian candied cherries, our brand new strawberry sorbet truffle and our limited release salted caramels with milk chocolate. Each truffle is hand painted by us, and is sure to please even the pickiest chocolate lover!

The final tier features a large chocolate cup filled with chewy caramel and fluffy vanilla bean marshmallow. This brand new item is sure to delight everyone, and is also surrounded by miniature milk and dark chocolate hearts (because there wasn't enough in this box already!). This chocolate cup is available only in this box, so get them before they're gone!

This gift box comes with all of these delicious treats, and is tied with a satin ribbon, making it the perfect Valentine's gift for that special someone, or a great treat to have by your bedside.
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