Harvest Truffle Collection

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Bring in the fall with our seasonal and hand painted collection!  This season we have some of our old standbys as well as some new additions to the roster.  The collection starts with our classic pumpkin spice latte bon bon, the quintessentially fall-flavored caramel enrobed in milk chocolate. We are also bringing back the apple crumble, a nod to apple pie and family gatherings combining local apple cider with toasted white chocolate and handcrafted apple butter.  We also have a lemon rosemary caramel that has the delicious flavor of lemon along with the herbaceousness of rosemary.  Keeping with the citrus theme, there is an orange creamsicle flavor that tastes just like you remember from childhood!  Rounding out our collection is the smoked margarita bon bon and our brand new oatmeal flavor!  The smoked margarita is made with prickly pear spirit and lime, and our oatmeal flavor is steeped toasted oats with maple and toasted white chocolate.  Enjoy the flavor of the season with this fall collection!

This box set contains:

-1 Pumpkin Spice Latte truffle                                        

-1 Apple Crumble truffle                                                 

-1 Lemon Rosemary truffle                                    

-1 Orange Creamsicle truffle                                             

-1 Smoked Margarita truffle                              

-1 Oatmeal truffle    

-hand tied with satin ribbon            

-comes with a handy truffle guide

All of these truffles are gluten free and nut free, but they do contain dairy.