m2 Confections (stylized 'm-squared' Confections) is an artisan chocolate and candy producer based in Denver, CO.  We sell hand crafted, hand painted candies using classic techniques but with modern and unique flavors. We source high quality, single origin and fair trade chocolate from some of the world’s best producers – we feel that the best ingredients make the best products, and we are proud to partner with companies that focus their missions on ethically and sustainably sourced food.  m2 Confections won the Grand Champion award for the 2019 Colorado Chocolate Fest and we intend to continue breaking new ground. We have dedicated our lives to the craft of making food, with a combined 30+ years in the foodservice industry. m2 Confections is known for quality and our focus is on world class, award winning candies that you cannot get anywhere else.   In 2021, we received the Northglenn Home Based Small Business award- further solidifying that we are heading in the right direction, and the sky is the limit.  Continuing our winning streak, we most recently won the 2022 Colorado Traditional truffle flavor as well as the 2022 Colorado Chocolatier grand championship!  Please give our shop a try, and see what we have in store!

To learn a little bit more about us, check out our interview on OCN Eats!

Kendall Mathews is a talented and award-winning pastry chef with over 15 years of experience in professional kitchens.  She serves as the head chocolatier for m2 Confections – through her career, Kendall has won several awards for her culinary talents, including national cooking competitions and chocolate collections. She has two degrees in Pastry Arts and is the brains of the whole operation, having spent time working in patisseries and chocolate shops in Chicago, New York and Denver.  Kendall was featured by Voyage Denver as an inspiring female business owner and also has a penchant for organization; you would be hard pressed to find anything in the business that didn’t have a list attached to it!  Kendall also was featured by Shoutout Colorado discussing her views on work-life balance, or a lack there of.

Jonathan Mathews has been a chef for over 15 years and serves as the financial lead and creative “what-ifer” of m2 Confections. Jonathan has spent his career focused on quality and has degrees in Culinary Arts and Management.  Jonathan’s background is in restaurants around the country, ranging from family-oriented to Michelin starred.  Jonathan has a knack for numbers and has been integral to the design and solvency of m2 Confections, even though his clever ideas don’t always work out.

colorado chocolatier grand championship