Raspberry Pate de Fruit

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Our raspberry jewels are the perfect treat. These tasty goodies are coated in a citric acid mixed with sugar to give them a tart kick! This bold candy is made without animal products and features strong fruit flavors.  The juicy raspberry is a crowd favorite, and is the perfect inclusion in a gift basket or on a cheese board.

Pate de fruit, or pectin jellies, are traditional confections invented in France. The confection consists of fruit puree and sugar cooked down with natural pectin to give a luxurious mouthfeel and decadent flavor. If you are a fan of fruity, velvet confections, this one is for you!

Each box consists of:
- 5 ounces of raspberry pectin jellies
- Made without animal products
- Hand-cut and hand-packed to order
- Gift box with logo and satin ribbon
- Great for gifts or holidays and special occasions