Seasonal Truffle Collection

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Celebrate the season with our handpainted bon bons and truffles!  We have some of our old standbys as well as some new additions to the roster- each piece is handcrafted for maximum flavor. The collection starts with our brand new hot honey inspired bon bon, featuring a white chocolate and alfalfa honey ganache that is spiked with cayenne in a milk chocolate shell.  Our grapefruit thyme bon bon features fresh grapefruit and herbaceous thyme steeped in silky milk chocolate.  The raspberry caramel features a gooey and fruity raspberry caramel wrapped in a milk chocolate shell.  What follows is our classic Grand Marnier bon bon featuring a blend of milk and dark chocolate with orange liqueur. The calamansi tamarind bon bon is made with dark chocolate, infused with fresh tamarind and exotic calamansi and lime. Lastly, our decadent strawberry pink peppercorn features juicy strawberry with floral pink peppercorns in dark chocolate.

This box set contains:

-1 Grapefruit Thyme truffle

-1 Raspberry Caramel truffle

-1 Hot Hunny truffle

-1 Calamansi Tamarind truffle

-1 Strawberry Pink Peppercorn truffle

-1 Grand Marnier truffle

-hand tied with satin ribbon (colors will vary)

-comes with a handy truffle qr code

All of these truffles are gluten free and nut free, but they do contain dairy.  If you would like a complete list of ingredients, please contact us!