Holiday Truffle Gift Box

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Celebrate the Holidays with our seasonally themed truffle collection! Each piece is handpainted, and made with fair trade chocolate. Our distinctive truffles feature bold flavors and unique combinations- come prepared for any event this Christmas and holiday season!

This box set contains:

-1 Gingerbread truffle                         -1 Salted Caramel truffle
-1 Tiramisu truffle                                 -1 Fresh Mint Truffle
-1 Cranberry Rosemary truffle        -1 Grand Marnier Truffle
-1 Orange Creamsicle truffle           -1 Chile Mango Truffle
-1 Sangria truffle                                  -1 Alpine Truffle
-1 Bunches of Oats truffle               -1 Burnt Passionfruit Truffle

-hand tied with satin ribbon
-comes with a handy truffle guide

All of these truffles are gluten free and nut free, but they do contain dairy.

The holidays are finally upon us with our seasonal and hand painted collection! This season we have some of our old standbys as well as some new additions to the roster. The collection starts with a winter classic, the Gingerbread! Warm winter spices meld into our luscious caramel to remind you of the season, all wrapped in caramelized white chocolate! We continue the nostalgia with a Cranberry Rosemary caramel, a flavor that uniquely reminds you of holiday meals with family using Leopold Bros Cranberry liqueur. Another classic dessert, the Orange Creamsicle tastes like being a kid again! From here our collection gets more unique yet familiar with the inclusion of our brand new Tiramisu truffle. This dual layered chocolate has a creamy white chocolate layer with a slight toastiness of caramelized white chocolate with amaretto and orange- all set on top of a decadent coffee ganache. Our Bunches of Oats flavor is steeped toasted oats with maple and toasted white chocolate. Our last truffle in the collection is a wonderful interpretation of Sangria, incorporating all of the holiday joy of mulled wine with the fresh fruitiness of the Spanish delight! Enjoy the holidays this year with a selection of winter wonders!

This collection also features a selection of our signature truffles that best fit with the season. Our classic salted caramel truffle features a gooey salted caramel center wrapped in decadent dark chocolate. The Mangonada bon bon draws upon the street vendor flair of Latin candies with a spicy and chile forward blend paired with juicy mango. The collection also includes two flavor classics – Fresh Mint and Grand Marnier. The Grand Marnier carries the flavor of the titular spirit as well as Leopold Brothers Orange liqueur. The fresh mint truffle features a fresh mint and white chocolate filling wrapped in dark chocolate. This collection features the Burnt Passion fruit bon bon, a velvety mix of intense passionfruit caramel and milk chocolate.  Last but not least, our collection is finished off by our uniquely Colorado inspired piece, the Alpine bon bon. This flavor paired Leopold Brother Three Pins herbal liqueur with juniper and rosemary for the taste of mountain forest unique to the Rockies!