Deluxe Hot Cocoa and Vanilla Bean Marshmallows Gift Set

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This hot cocoa gift set is the perfect way to celebrate Fall and Winter season. Each set features a half dozen hand cut vanilla bean marshmallows and your choice of hot cocoa flavor. Each flavor is created with a delicate blend of premium cocoa powder and hand ground vanilla sugar.  Our hot chocolate mix is meant to be served with either water, milk or a milk alternative, and has been lovingly crafted to pair with any option.

Our signature hot cocoa is the most classic, featuring decadent cocoa powder scented with ground vanilla bean. Our chai hot cocoa features hand ground cardamom, cinnamon, ginger with a host of other spices to warm you up on a cold night. Finally, our Aztec hot cocoa features toasted and ground chilis with a hint of cinnamon and rich cocoa powder. Each tin of hot cocoa makes 3 mugs of delicious hot cocoa.

Our vanilla marshmallows are scented with honey, soft and made only with gelatin. These fluffy marshmallows are delightful snack. Our marshmallows feature Colorado honey and vanilla bean. These pillowy marshmallows are hand cut to an extra extra large size and hand packed to order. These marshmallows are perfect for hot cocoa, s'mores or just for a tasty treat. The recipe for our marshmallows was developed after years of trial and error, resulting in a marshmallow that is delicately flavored and irresistibly airy.

Each gift box consists of:
-7oz of premium hot chocolate mix, enough for 6 mugs of hot cocoa
-Choice of Two Flavors: Classic hot cocoa, Chai hot cocoa, or Aztec hot cocoa
-Half dozen hand cut vanilla bean marshmallows
-Made without dairy or egg products
-Makes a great gift- comes packaged in a kraft gift box with decorative kraft shred.