Harvest Truffle Gift Box

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Celebrate the season with our signature box of truffles!  These beautiful pieces are perfect for a Thanksgiving hostess gift or family celebration!  Our collection contains one of each of our seasonal and signature flavors.

This box set contains:

-1 Pumpkin Spice Latte truffle             -1 Salted Caramel Truffle

-1 Alpine truffle                                   -1 Mexican Chocolate Truffle

-1 Lemon Thyme truffle                       -1 Smoked Margarita truffle

-1 Apple Crumble truffle                      -1 Manhattan truffle

-1 Sweet Potato Pie truffle                   -1 Burnt Passionfruit truffle

-1 Orange Creamsicle truffle                -1 Carrot Cake truffle

-hand tied with satin ribbon                   

-comes with a handy truffle guide

We start out our collection with the  pumpkin spice latte, an annual obsession revitalized as a candy laced with perky coffee beans and those wonderful fall spices. We then move on to our alpine dark chocolate confection, a flavor that brings you right to the forest edge with juniper and rosemary, paired with Leopold Brothers Three Pins liquor.  We continue the herb theme with our lemon thyme bon bon, a celebration of creamy milk chocolate balanced with fresh thyme and bright citrus.  And if you love that citrus, you can still get that last taste of summer with our orange creamsicle, a chocolate packed with fresh orange flavor.  Our collection is then rounded out by two fall favorites, starting with our apple crumble. A bon bon made with caramelized white chocolate and homemade local apple butter, our apple crumble will make you wish it came a la mode!  And our brand new sweet potato pie tastes just like that Thanksgiving classic, complete with a sweet potato ganache and fresh marshmallow.  

Our carrot cake bon bon features caramelized white chocolate and dried carrots mixed with signature carrot cake spices - it tastes just like the real thing!  The Manhattan bon bon features Leopold Brothers Maryland style Rye whiskey with all the classic Manhattan cocktail flavors. Our Manhattan truffle is award winning- we won the 2019 Colorado Chocolatier Championships with this wonderful piece. The Mexican chocolate truffle features a dark chocolate and brown sugar ganache layered with spices and chiles. Our caramelized passion fruit truffle features a tart passion fruit ganache and rich milk chocolate.  Our classic salted caramel truffle features a gooey salted caramel center wrapped in decadent dark chocolate.  And finally, we have a new cocktail bon bon, the smoked margarita, using a local mezcal made from prickly pear accented with jalapeno and bright lime.

Our collection comes in a beautiful set up box with a hand tied bow attached.  Make sure to come prepared to any gathering with this wonderful gift!