Signature Truffle Gift Box

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Our signature truffle gift box features 12 unique flavors that are signature to m2 Confections. Each truffle is individually hand painted, and showcases bold and distinct flavors. Each box includes the following flavors:

-Burnt Passionfruit truffle           -Salted Caramel Truffle
-Manhattan truffle                          -London Fog Truffle
-Mangonada truffle                        -Mexican Chocolate Truffle
-Dark & Stormy truffle                   - Lemonade Truffle
-Bunches of Oats truffle                -Grand Marnier Truffle
-Alpine truffle                                    - Fresh Mint Truffle

Our truly unique and curated box, the Contemporary collection has so much for a chocolate connoisseur to love! This collection features the Burnt Passion fruit bon bon, a velvety mix of intense passionfruit caramel and milk chocolate. The curiosities continue with two back to back winners of the Grand Champion award at the colorado chocolate festival, our Manhattan and Mangonada bon bons. Our Manhattan flavor is the first one we’ve ever created, and with Leopold Brothers Maryland-style Rye, bitters, cherry and orange, carries forward a sophistication and elegance not typically associated with chocolate. The Mangonada bon bon draws upon the street vendor flair of Latin candies with a spicy and chile forward blend paired with juicy mango. Next in the box is our version of a Dark + Stormy, featuring Bear Creek Spiced Rum and fresh ginger in a caramel, covered with milk chocolate. We also have breakfast favorite in our Bunches of Oats bon bon- featuring freshly toasted oats and caramelized white chocolate wrapped in dark chocolate. Last but not least, our collection is finished off by our uniquely Colorado inspired piece, the Alpine bon bon. This flavor paired Leopold Brother Three Pins herbal liqueur with juniper and rosemary for the taste of mountain forest unique to the Rockies! Please enjoy this expression of what chocolate can be!

While we are typically focused on pushing the envelope of flavors, we have also worked hard to provide the best versions of flavors from yesteryear. The collection has our salted caramel bon bon, the most classic of classic flavors, sea salt studded caramel enrobed in dark chocolate. We also have our London Fog bon bon, a local Teatulia Earl Grey tea steeped in cream providing a lovely bergamot flavor. Next is an award winning Mexican chocolate bon bon, a mix of milk and dark chocolate with our special mix of chiles and spices! After all of this hearty flavor, try a bite of our Lemonade bon bon, a refreshing pop of lemon married with white chocolate. The collection finishes with two flavor classics – Fresh Mint and Grand Marnier. The Grand Marnier carries the flavor of the titular spirit as well as Leopold Brothers Orange liqueur. And finally, fresh mint tastes exactly how it sounds, like a fresh field of sweet mint! Enjoy the best versions of your favorite chocolates from the past!

Our collection comes in a beautiful set up box with a hand tied bow attached. Make sure to come prepared to any gathering with this wonderful gift!