Dairy Free Coconut Dark Chocolate Truffles

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Our dairy free dark chocolate truffles are sure to impress even the most discerning vegan! Each piece is made without animal products, and our dark chocolate is fair trade and organic. Each box will include 5 unique flavors!

First, our Raspberry bon bon features a coconut milk and raspberry dark chocolate ganache- it tastes just fresh raspberry jam mixed with decadent dark chocolate. Our coconut mocha caramel truffle has a gooey coffee and cinnamon scented coconut caramel wrapped in dark chocolate. The Mayan Chocolate bon bon is a dairy free take on our award winning Mexican Chocolate truffle- featuring a blend of 10 different spices, dark chocolate and coconut. We also have our new green tea ginger caramel, which features a dark chocolate shell filled with a gooey coconut green tea and ginger caramel. Lastly, our signature cherry cordials feature a crisp dark chocolate shell filled with an Italian candied cherry and a handcrafted cognac fondant.

Each Box Includes:
-2 Raspberry Coconut bon bons
-1 Coconut Caramel Truffle
-1 Cherry Cordial
-1 Green Tea Ginger Caramel bon bon
-1 Mayan Chocolate bon bon
-Hand tied with satin ribbon