Seasonal Truffle Collection

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Something fun is in the air with this hand painted truffle collection! This season we have some of our old standbys as well as some new additions to the roster. The collection starts with a seasonal classic, Chocolate Covered Banana! This beautiful truffle features decadent dark chocolate with fresh banana and vanilla bean.
Another classic dessert, the Carrot Cake has all of the flavors you know and love, as well as real pieces of carrot! Our Caffe Amaretto truffle features milk chocolate and full flavored local coffee, accented with amaretto and a hint of orange. The Strawberry Pink Peppercorn is a unique flavor, featuring dark chocolate, pink peppercorns and strawberry, this piece has all of the floral notes of pink peppercorn with out the spice, and is delightfully fruity with juicy strawberry! Our seasonal caramel is brand new- featuring a creamy milk chocolate shell filled with gooey orange and fresh bay leaf caramel, this twist on a classic is definitely a new favorite. Our last truffle in the collection is a returning favorite, the Smoked Margarita! This truffle features a smoky prickly pear spirit (similar to mezcal) with lime through a white chocolate ganache. Get ready for spring and all of the freshness it brings!

This box set contains:

-1 Strawberry Pink Peppercorn truffle
-1 Caffe Amaretto truffle
-1 Orange Bay Leaf truffle
-1 Carrot Cake truffle
-1 Smoked Margarita truffle
-1 Chocolate Covered Banana truffle

-hand tied with satin ribbon
-comes with a handy truffle guide

All of these truffles are gluten free and nut free, but they do contain dairy.